Adoption: both beautiful and tragic



Since our first months as a married couple, we decided not to purchase internet or Netflix. We instead put $20 to $50 a paycheck into an account labeled “Adoption.” It has been a priority to pursue with hands wide open.

Over dinner at our two year anniversary we agreed to beginning the adoption journey by year five of marriage. It was mid-year four He began building adoption into our story in tangible ways.

Adoption has opened us up wide, cracked our hearts, and grown us insurmountably.

In the posts of this category, you will find both fear and hope, vulnerability and transparency, and a lot of the journey as we go.

Join us as we walk through this tragically beautiful life.

UPDATE: January 6, 2016 our sweet Sage was born. We met him January 8, 2016 and brought him home with us to Oregon January 19. You will find many posts. Here is The Story of Our Match. Here is our Adoption category.

We are also foster parents, which is a different journey of heartbreak and healing in and of itself. Read more from our Foster Care journey category. We are in the process of adopting one of our three girls, the other two are "return-to-parent cases."

I believe to my core that adoption can and should fiercely collide with social (and racial) justice. Inside me burns a deep desire to work towards freedom and healing this nation, which oppresses communities of color, minority communities, biological/birth families, and adoptees. Read more in my Social Justice category. 

When we began our adoption journey, I did not know much. Now I know more. Now I will do better and continue to learn and listen.

adoption RESOURCES

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