Author Interviews

NB regularly interviews authors of books she loves and celebrates them with a giveaway. 

NB has interviewed: Heather Avis, Jillian Lauren, Matthew Paul Turner, Lisa Joyner, Jasmine Sanders, Michelle Madrid-Branch, Lara Casey, and more. To inquire about an author interview, contact NB. There is no guarantee for an interview + giveaway.

Readership + REACH

Natalie Brenner Writes is a popular website and blog with a growing audience.

On average, she has over 7,000 page views each month. In addition to her growing email list, Natalie has a loyal and growing following in other social media spaces, including Instagram (over 4000 followers), Facebook (over 950 followers), and Twitter (over 700 followers). With more than 10,000 combined followers, fans, and subscribers, Natalie is able to reach thousands.

Natalie Brenner is a photographer and soon-to-be author, wife, and mom of two by blood (biological) and love (adoption). She has developed a loyal following through her ability to share the authentic moments of grief and brokenness, while also genuinely loving the story she's living and finding grace amidst the absolute unreservedness of this life.

Natalie is honest and writes poignantly, moving readers to a deeper sense of self-discovery. She loves people and her mission is to love well, giving a voice to those who feel shame or hidden - readers return because of this.

On Natalie Brenner Writes, you will find stories about adoption and miscarriage, infertility and loss, family growth and fighting the culture of the Christian. Natalie works hard to keep things real while also pursuing truth and wholeness. She strives to share with her readers real stories about her life as well as other's (adoptees, birth parents, and more).

Natalie has also interviewed a number of best selling authors and award winning television hosts.

In addition to writing at Natalie Brenner Writes, Natalie also contributes to other high-profile sites including:, Pregnant Chicken,,, Baby Prepping, and Baby Care Mag.  

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